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Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Subclass 186

What is a Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Subclass 186?

The purpose of the ENS is to allow Australian employers to fill highly skilled positions with suitably

qualified migrants. The scheme is designed to assist employers in who are unable to meet their

skilled Australian workforce needs from the local labour market. There are THREE different streams

under which an applicant may qualify for an ENS visa:


This stream may be available if your employer wishes to sponsor you for permanent residence.

You may be eligible under this stream if you hold either of the following:


and have worked for your employer full-time in Australia on your TSS and/or subclass 457 visa(s) for at least:


  • three out of the previous four years (before the nomination is made) in the same position that they have nominated you for or

  • two out of the previous three years before the nomination is made, if transitional arrangements apply because you either held, or were an applicant for, a subclass 457 visa (which was subsequently granted) on 18 April 2017. 


If you do not meet the requirements under the TRT stream (for example, because you have never, or only briefly worked in Australia), this stream may then be available if your employer still wishes to sponsor you for permanent residence. See:
IMMI 18/049: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities—Subclass 186 Visa


This stream may be available if your employer wishes to sponsor you for permanent residence and has entered into a labour agreement with the Department that provides for a permanent residence pathway. See Labour agreements.

Application Process

Stage 1: Nomination Application

This application is lodged with the DIBP on behalf of your employer, and relates to the skilled position that you have been offered, which must meet the requirements referred to above for the relevant application stream. Your employer is required to supply documents to the DIBP in support of this application, the nature and extent of which will vary depending upon the application stream and the circumstances of the business.

Stage 2: Visa Application

Your visa application is lodged with the DIBP either at the same time as the nomination application, or within six months of the DIBP’s approval of the nomination. The main criterion is that you fulfil the above requirements for the relevant application stream, along with the standard health and character checks.

Once the DIBP has approved both applications, you will be granted a permanent visa. You may be in Australia or outside Australia when your visa is granted. You must then work in the nominated position with your employer for a term of at least 2 years from the visa grant date.

For more information please check DIBP website link

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